We have never seen so my resources form one company as everyone shares everything you ever wanted to know about essential oils. We are IPC (Independent Product consultant) You must purchase doTERRA essential oils through a IPC. We will help you personally one on one to support you on what is best for your needs and How to Order and Get Started. You will also see in the resources below it provides lots of tools to help us IPC. These tools you can order yourself. We suggest having a few items to help you with essential oils.

  1. 1st item we give you with samples is the A-Z Guide This 24 page booklet is the size of a CD case and provides essential oil usage for over 250 ailments. Get Your FREE by Contacting Us
  2. 2nd Our Oil Bible Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils $24.95 (Free with Our Builder Kits)
  3. Request Samples or Purchase Essential Oils that are needed by learning from your A-Z guide.
  4. Oder accessories so you are never without your Essential Oils. Carrying case, small vials, and extra A-Z guides to share with others.

You will discover having essential oils with you that everyone will want to know what they are. They will smell you or see the case with little samples. Your own story and experience will be easy to tell others what a Gift we have to truly help others.


Webinars Archive and Upcoming sessions


PDFs of products and business information

Individual Oil Training Calls and Handouts

Tutorials for new IPCs


Leadership Development – 2 hours



My Oil Business was created in 2010 to help doTERRA consultants with their marketing needs. We carry a variety of information, tear pads, cases and clothing. 

A to Z guides

Tear Sheets:  Enrollment, Welcome to doTerra, Reinventing Healthcare, Presentation, Dental, Lifelong Vitality

Teaching/Business Tools:  Spa Manual, Making the First Circle Work, , Compass by Zyto, Calendar, Slim & Sassy Cards, Mini-Intro Cards, Power by doTerra DVD, Display stands,

Misc. Supplies:  5/8 dram bottles, Water bottles, Key Chains, Lip balm, Modern Essentials

Travel Case:  66, 34, 17 (also belt style) regular bottles and 49 sample bottles

doTerra clothing and gear







Look up condition/health concern    Look up information for each oil or blend  Find other essential oil products Glossary of Terms Reflexology Charts Various Education Tools (including some of the doTerra webinars, Certified Pure/Therapeutic Grade) How to Apply Essential Oils



A forum where you can ASK others in the group about their experience or opinion on health concerns and alternative healing.

Or you can SHARE your own experience about essential oils and wellness issues. Or read and search past questions and answers to LEARN more about essential oils and their uses. If image link does not work, click here.

A search-able wealth of information on essential oils with a bias toward doTerra products. Hundreds of health concerns are addressed including the submissions to Google Group-EverythingdoTERRA site; and the site will continue to grow with shared protocols, videos, and scientific research about essential oils and health concerns. If image link does not work, click here


zdoterra.com is a web presence for those that are new to essential oils.  Who is doTerra?  What is CPTG?  

Learn about Essential oils.  Basic essential oil protocols for helping with common ailments and illnesses.  Get free trial products.

Have your own business selling these powerful products. image link does not work, click here
doTERRASuccessMap.Com is a web tool for doTerra IPC’s who need tools and helps to build a successful doTerra business.  
Several doTerra diamonds have pooled their resources and experience to create this site.  
The hope is to share what has helped these diamonds become successful and pass that information on to others. If image link does not work, click here



Your resource for aromatherapy and natural health accessories. 

Containers: drams in various sizes, vials, pump and spray bottles, salve, shaker,  syringes, nasal, roller, etc.

Diffusers:  car, room, pendant

Products:  books, pamphlets

Modern Essentials and many other oil related books

Essential Oil cards (don’t recommend)

Tear Sheets:  Slim & Sassy/Physician Kit; Emergency Kit; Basic Trio/OnGuard

Educational DVDs and CDs and Training Kits

Travel Cases:  small to large, regular to sample size

Misc:  Massage Supplies, Spry Gum, and lots of other things



US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

PubMed comprises more than 21 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.Because this site is a government site you can use this content freely cause you have paid for it with your tax dollars.



Cell Phone App $9.95 for six months

- Instantly access essential oil usage for over 400 ailments right on your iPhone. – Share the power of essential oils with your friends with the touch of a button. – Track who you shared the oils with and get follow up reminders.